Bear – Wildlife Exclusion Fencing


There is a range of fencing and energizers that can be used for protection against bears. Smaller systems give you the portability and added protection for a few nights of campling. While larger systems may warrant a larger system for a more permanent fence system utilizing a much larger area.

Campsites & Temporary Setups
An excellent way to safely and effectively protect beehives, small campsites, garbage bins, compost piles, feed grain, fruit trees, and so much more.
Meets the needs of the USDA Food Storage Act where federal / state lands require all food products be stored out of reach of bears.
NOTE: To comply with this regulation, a  AN90 model energizer – or larger – must be used.

Basic kit provides a simple solution to deter bears, racoons, wild hogs, or other similar size nuisance animals. lightweight, easy to use, sets up and tears down in a matter of minutes!

Permanent/Semi-Permantent Installations
For much  larger areas, we recommend a traditional fence with posts, wire, and insulators along with the Patriot SG500 or SG1000 solar Energizers. Wildlife management services recommend a minimum energizer size of at least .5 to 1 Joule (output) for bears and larger acreage.

Earthing/Grounding your system
Every system requires a ground rod (s). We cannot stress enough the difference it can make in setting up your system and getting the full shock value from your energizer to the animal.

Case Study:
 – 12 separate installations 
– Apiaries and blueberry plots.
– Presently using portable battery energizers 0.9 joules

Goal – Energizer replacement with fully integrated solar panel and battery – solar energizers

His experiece had led him to understand the importance of properly earthing a system and how it corelated to getting the most out of the energizer itself – shockwise to the animal.
“with bears and electric fencing you need lots of metal – to get the full shock to the bear. Some of my installs require alternating hot-ground wires if soil conditions and bear persistance are an issue”

“Nothing is 100% effective but so far in the past ten years I’ve camped amongst the densest grizzly populations in the world, I’ve not had a single bear breach the fence. Not that they haven’t tried.”

Tom Smith


Energizer Options

Speedrite AN90 Battery Energizer only

Ideal for campsites or small areas Requires 4 x D batteries or 12 V or 6 V external batteries required (not included)

Maximum output energy 0.12 J

Solar panel and battery integrated in one convenient robust case. Includes leads for connecting to existing fence

Maximum output energy 0.15 J

Solar panel and battery integrated in one convenient robust case Includes leads for connecting to existing fence

Maximum output energy .5 J

Use with solar panels/deep cell battery (not included)

Maximum output energy 0.5 J

Bear Fence Accessories

Speedrite Energizer Selection Chart