Protect Your Garden

Will an electrical Fence protect your garden?

Electric fences can indeed be an efficient way of keeping raccoons, rabbits and other small nuisance animals. However, their effectiveness are often somewhat limited. Supplemental or alternative measures may have to be taken for complete success. Larger animals like deer may involve a higher fencing system.

Electric fence will almost certainly help keep these small animals out, but your particular areas surroundings will have a lot to do with the actual effectiveness of the electric fencing you install. Electric fencing is often very effective, as long as you’re thorough and don’t allow any means of breaching the electrical Fence installation.

An electrical fence will presumably be effective against any animal that comes in touch with it. However, smaller animals are susceptible to slip through the wires, and bigger animals may require a larger sized energizer. Keep this in mind when installing your wiring and posts for your electric fence.

Our Patriot Garden Kit is a viable option for most gardens. This all in one kit is a great defensive solution as long as the aforementioned issues are not an issue.


Our Patriot Garden kit includes electric fencer, posts, ground rod, leadset and warning sign.

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