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Speedrite 86000W Energizer

animal usage, bear, cow, horse, deer, pig, sheep, goat


Speedrite 86000W Energizer is the worlds most powerful energizer that offers a powerful choice for farmers that want a great performing energizer with an intuitive interface. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility, the Datamars Livestock Farm App provides the ability to monitor and control the energizer from a phone.

Includes: (1) 86000W and (1) remote

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Speedrite Energizer range claims are based on MULTI-WIRE weed free fences and are a general guide.

Your choice of fence energizer depends on length of your fence, number of wires, power source and type of animal contained or excluded
All Speedrite Energizers are low-impedance.

Powers Up To



Area Up To

6200 / 2500

Acres / HA

Output Energy



Stored Energy



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Speedrite 86000W Energizer

The Speedrite 86000W Mains Energizer is perfect for farmers that want a great performing energizer with an intuitive interface. It features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility allowing farmers to monitor and control their energizer using the Datamars Livestock Farm App from a phone.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled
Connect with nearby energizer using Bluetooth to check voltage, turn on and off, and configure remote address (Fence remote sold separately).
Connect to energizer remotely over the internet to receive notifications when voltage drops. Check voltage remotely, and turn on and off remotely (Requires Wi-Fi network coverage).

Speedrite 46000W Energizer Phone display AppMonitor and control the energizer from your phone
Use the Datamars Livestock Farm App to connect to the energizer and see the fence voltage in real-time, configure the energizer settings, and connect the energizer to the Wi-Fi network.
Once the energizer is connected to the internet, it sends a notification when fence voltage drops, so issues can be resolved quickly.
If a fault is found on the fence line, use the app to turn the energizer off right from where you’re standing to fix the fault, then turn the energizer back on and check the voltage is back to normal.

  • Cyclic WaveTM Technology
  • Provides a cleaner, more powerful pulse, maximizing the energy that travels down the fence for optimal stock control.
  • Bi-Polar Technology
  • Enables the user to power a fence system to perform exceptionally well in dry, low conductive soil.
  • Low Interference
  • Cyclic WaveTM technology delivers outstanding fence performance and helps to minimize electromagnetic interference in line with international standards.
  • Compact, Rugged Design
  • Hi-tech components and advanced research and development have enabled us to make powerful energizers in a compact, rugged polymer case.
  • Load Response Feature
  • Controls energizer output to match conditions, providing maximum fence voltage for effective stock control.
  • 120VAC Plug*
    Operates on standard 120V outlets in the United States and Canada.
  • *110V and 120V plugs are synonmous. The 110V term has become obsolete since power is now standardized to 120V at 60Hz.
Robust Split Bolt Terminal Design
  • Allows multiple fence wires to be connected easily, with a robust connection without needing to bend the fence wire or over-tighten.
  • Large Terminals
  • Front mounted terminals for convenience, making adjustments and multiple fence wire usage. Terminals are slotted for ease of access and a superb connection.
Remote Capable (included)
  • Enables the user to turn the energizer on or off anytime, anywhere along the fence line to manage maintenance or repairs.
  • Output Voltage & Indicator Lights
  • Light bar display provides an instant measure of the energizer output voltage for quick fence diagnostics. Red light indicates when the fence is under a heavy load.
  • Datamar’s Livestock App,
WiFi Network & Bluetooth Capabilities
  • Connect the energizer: see the fence voltage in real-time, configure the energizer settings, and connect the energizer to a WiFi network. Energizer is also Bluetooth compatible.
  • 3-Year Warranty



86000W Mains Energizers User Guide


Coverage Area/Distance Power Capabilities 540 miles/6,200 acres
Maximum Output Energy 86J
Maximum Stored Energy 128J
No Load Voltage 10,000V
Standard Load Voltage 10,000V at 100 Ω
Heavy Load Voltage 6,800V at 25 Ω
Minimum Number of Ground Rods 12
Input Voltage 120 – 240V, 50 – 60 Hz


Will the 86000W need a Wi-Fi network in the vicinity to connect to the internet?
Yes, the 86000W needs to be installed in a location with a Wi-Fi signal to be able to connect to the internet.

How do I setup a Wi-Fi network in the vicinity of the 86000W?
Your nearest Telco provider should be able to set you up with a Wi-Fi network. This can easily be done with a cellular to Wi-Fi powered dongle that can be installed close to the 86000W.

Does my phone have to be on the same Wi-Fi network to be able to monitor and control a Wi-Fi connected 86000W?
No, as long as your phone has internet access you will be able to monitor and control your Wi-Fi connected 86000W. This means your phone can be connected through cellular data or a different Wi-Fi network.

How can the 86000W be mounted?
To handle the extra weight of the 86000W the mounting,  it is advisable that the 4 x wood screws, provided with the 86000W, are used. A mounting template is provided to make it easy to locate the wood screws.

Can the unit be mounted in landscape orientation?
It is highly advisable that the unit is mounted in the portrait orientation using the wood screws provided.

Do I need to bend the fence lead-out wire around the output terminals?
No, the design of the terminals do not require the lead-out wire to be bent around the terminal. The internal pin of the terminal knob ensures a robust connection through the centre of the terminal.

Bi-polar fence configuration is applicable with this unit, where can I go to find out more information on how to set this up?
The product’s user manual shows how to configure a bi-polar fence and the benefits of doing so.

Does the 86000W have lightning protection?
There is internal lightning protection built into the 86000W. The 86000W’s terminal have the added benefit of being user replaceable if external damage is caused by lightning.

There are a lot of mains brown-outs in my area, will the 86000W be able to operate in brown-out conditions?
Yes, the 86000W is able to operate normally down to 120 V.

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