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At Electric Farm Fencing we sell a large selection of electric fence energizers, fencers & accessories in Canada. We carry Speedrite Energizers as well as a large number of  Patriot Energizers. Whether your needs are for a large ranch, a traditional family farm or just a small hobby farm. We carry a large selection of electric fencers and fencing accessories –  electric fence wire, tapes, insulators, posts, hardware, etc.

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To help lower the cost of shipping across Canada we ship from 2 locations. For Western Canada we ship direct from Alberta. For Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Canada we ship out of Ontario location. We realize the costs of shipping can be a major factor in whether you order from us. We also realize like alot of things you may need it yesterday. We primarily use Purolator Courier to ship your order directly to you. We offer Free Shipping based on the province you live in with a minimum spend level. If you would like to learn more about our shipping policy and how we try to save you money, click here to learn more. If you need further help with shipping costs, contact us by phone or by email – we may even be able to help out further.

Livestock Management

There are various fencing solutions for livestock management. Energizer size, livestock type, fencing materials and total acreage are all factors in determining your required needs for a properly installed electric fence. If your new to electric fence, giving us a call or by shooting us an email we can help with your specific fence installation setup. With our extensive line of energizers and fencing accessories we can recommend the best solution for your electric fence installation.

Wildlife Exclusion

Fences designed to keep out bears, wolves, coyotes, deer  and other predatory and nuisance animals are different from traditional electric fence applications. These animals are not domesticated, are highly unpredictable, and can be extremely dangerous. Most importantly, you are fencing these animals OUT of their food source. Electric fence is a terrific and an effective solution for EXCLUSION fences, but it is absolutely critical that you do it right – for you, your property, and your animals needs.

Speedrite Electric Fencing in Canada

Speedrite Energizer 3 Year WarrantySpeedrite energizers are the result of decades of intense research and development. With a range of features consisting of unique technologies, it has given Speedrite a market leading edge. First established in 1938, they have evolved over the years to be one of the most reliable technology advanced energizers on the market today. With their Unigizer line of energizers they give you the versatility of Mains (110V), Battery or Solar. All of this and backed with a 3 year no nonsense warranty.

Patriot Electric Fence Energizer Canada

Patriot 3 Year WarrantyPatriot’s range of electric fencing energizers and accessories match your need for simplicity, reliability and performance – all at outstanding value. Designed to keep your livestock safely contained, Patriot’s electric fencing solutions give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on maximising your farm productivity. All Patriot electric fence products are the result of over 70 years experience from one of the world’s leading electric fence manufacturers — Datamars Livestock.

Speedrite Energizers give you a versatile 3-in-1 solution to manage your electric fence system.

speedrite productWith the flexibility of powering your energizer by either 110V, battery, or with a solar panel this multi-powered 3-in-1 capability allows the Unigizer to be used for temporary, semi-permanent, permanent, and strip grazing fence systems. It’s never been easier to create an electric fencing solution.

Speedrite and Patriot Energizers at

Versatile Power Options

110V, Battery or Solar giving you every option for livestock Control

Simple LED Display

Indicates Unigizer™ output voltage for quick fence diagnostics

Cyclic Wave™ Technology

Clean, powerful pulse resultins in continuous power to the end of the fence

Bi-Polar Technology

Gives You Performance in dry, low conductive soil

Day/Night Sensor

Maximum battery Conservation with auto adjustment for Day and Night Conditions

Versatile Mounting Options

Mount on wall, post or fence-wire either inside or outside depending on fence location & power supply


Options for conservation of battery energy when powered from a battery.

Half Voltage Terminal

Allows reduced fence voltage if required


Battery Lead & 110V power adaptor

Speedrite Energizer Selection Chart